あの頃の厚木基地 航空ファンを熱狂させたあの頃の厚木基地(2014.8.10 UPDATE ) Galleria
fuji T-1 JASDF Fuji T-1 retired(2006. 4.7up) FancyBox
MU-2S JSDF MITSUBISHI MU-2S & LR-1(2005. 5.19up)
F-14 TOMCAT F-14 TOMCAT fading out (2004. 10.10up)
Unique, the most luxury formation flight on earth, in Atsugi NAF.(2003. 3.30up)
USAF aircrafts flying over Japan in 1969 through the early 70s(8 monochrome pictures)
JSDF aircrafts seen in the late 1960s through the early 70s(8 monochrome pictures)(J)
missiles US NAVY airbone missiles seen at NAF Atsugi Japan(J)
JASDF all Lockheed T-33s retired in 2000(8 monochrome pictures)(J)