(16pictures) FancyBox
Blue Impulse in NorthAmerican F-86F 1970-1980. (16 pictures) FancyBox
Blue Impulse in Mitsubishi T-2 1980-1995. (8 pictures) FancyBox
Today's Blue Impulse, JASDF demonstration team, in Kawasaki T-4. Galleria
Thunderbirds, USAF flight demonstration team, in F-16. (8 pictures)
Blue Angels, US Navy flight demonstration team, in F/A-18. (16 pictures)
frecce Frecce Tricolori, Italy Air Force flight demonstration team, in AERMACCHI MB339. (9 pictures)
ukraine air force Ukrainian Air Force flight demonstration team with MIG-29s. "The dawn of freedom tour" to America. (12 pictures)